The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Getting Started With Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a big undertaking for a small organization and there is a lot to consider upfront, especially if you’ve never managed this type of effort before. This short ebook will teach you where to focus your energy, how to plan a campaign, basic best practices and how to stay out of trouble.

We hope this is helpful in your marketing process.

Part 1: Deciding on Marketing Automation

Automation is a shift in thinking — not just a change in software. It forces businesses to think differently about their marketing processes.

So, you have content. You’ve been blogging, saving really good sales emails and starting conversations on social media platforms (No?, start with our post about what you should do prior to automation.) What next?

You want to automate certain interactions, but before we start down that road, we need to discuss your marketing strategy. One of the first lessons in setting up effective marketing automation has to do with a fundamental misunderstanding of how the sales funnel really works.


The above graphic shows the traditional view of the online sales funnel, interpreted by many small business people as follows:

A group of people come to my website and a few fall out the bottom as leads. A few of those will be converted to paying clients. So if I want more clients, I need to increase traffic to my website. If more people come through my site more leads will come out the bottom.

Simple math tells us that this approach is incorrect.



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