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It’s time to look at ORBTR, the galaxy’s BEST small business sales and marketing software.




It’s not what our tools CAN do for you… It’s what they WILL do for you

Success should never be subjective. Most sales/marketing software solutions focus on what their tools CAN do, what they are capable of. ORBTR is capable of a lot as well. But what those software providers won’t tell you is what those capabilities really cost in time, money and effort beyond the monthly fees. 

Here is what every ORBTR and Torq subscriber receives, 100% guaranteed, with less than a few hours of effort on your part:

  • Visit tracking data for ALL your website visitors and leads 
  • Real-time email notifications when leads return
  • Daily lead summaries via email
  • The ability to identify leads based on completing a Gravity Form, or clicking from an email campaign, among other methods
  • Scouting reports for anonymous visitors detailing their geography and what companies they work at
  • Ability to integrate lead tracking with individual sales emails and followups
  • Integration to share tracking data with 400+ popular applications including email marketing, CRMs, and more with Zapier
  • Software updates and technical support throughout your subscription


Our platforms (in just 2 minutes)

ORBTR Connect
Want to see a quick summary of the WordPress-based marketing software powering small businesses all over the world? Click above to see ORBTR in action!

A standalone application for lead tracking, prospecting, and helping sales people close more deals.

Check out everything ORBTR Connect has to offer

Lead Tracking
How ORBTR enables lead tracking and monitoring and integrates those features seamlessly into WordPress.

Optimize for Sales & Conversions
With ORBTR, your website has the ability to choose appropriate content from a library of choices based on who is reading it.

Create autoresponders and drip emails quickly and easily using our seamless integration with MailChimp.

Zapier Integration
ORBTR’s integration with Zapier enables workflows with 200+ online services including Salesforce, Mailchimp, Zoho, Highrise, Evernote, Google Docs, GMail and more.

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Full feature list includes email marketing, autoresponders, landing pages, prospecting tools and more!

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We’d be happy to give you a block of our time — no strings attached — to personally walk you through our flagship product ORBTR Connect or our sales email application ORBTR Torq. And we’re happy to answer general or strategic questions about automation as well.

We have group demos and shorter individual blocks available as well as a monthly email marketing webinar.

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What are people saying about ORBTR?

“We’ve been able to do everything with less work. ORBTR made it all easy and the results have been amazing!”

Denver Biz Tech Expo 

“Every one of our digital marketing actions with ORBTR has drawn maximum benefits.”

Platte River Networks

“Marketing automation has come to WordPress… I’ve had the plugin activated for two days and already am in love.”

Tech Blogger

“ORBTR is one of my favorite WordPress plugins. It packs a powerful marketing automation punch, giving WordPress even more power.”

Inbound Marketing Consultant