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Small businesses should say ‘No’ to big, expensive automation packages that take months to implement and choose ORBTR: the only sales and marketing automation package built specifically for small business

We evaluated 6 different popular marketing automation services and found their average monthly cost of ownership was an astounding $652/month over the first year of service — for the smallest level of service available.* And research studies shed light on the value that business owners are getting for that investment:


With  45% of the functionality of a software service never used and 19% used only sparingly, business owners pay a huge premium for software, especially BIG software. When you pay $650+/month for a solution, by this math you are likely only getting about $230/month in value.

So rather than build a big business software and try to sell it to small businesses, ORBTR took a completely different approach in building the first automation solution actually made for small business. We trimmed the fat and gave you the tools you need at a price you can afford. Simple as that.

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