Let’s get started with the simplest, most affordable WordPress automation tools available:

ORBTR Connect Annual w/ FREE Setup

$82.50per month
(Prepaid annually at $990/year)
  • Prepay for the year and save on marketing Automation for WordPress!
  • Get everything that comes with our $99/month plan
  • Plus 4 FREE Hours of Setup Assistance
  • And 2 Months of Service FREE with your Prepaid Subscription
  • SAVE $298 over our monthly plan in your first year!

ORBTR Connect for WordPress

$99.00per month
($199 the first month includes 4 hours setup)
  • Easy and affordable marketing automation for WordPress! Installs as a WordPress plugin, can be set up within 30 minutes!
  • Real-Time Email Alerts for New and Returning Leads
  • Daily Lead Summary Emails
  • Real-Time Leads + Visitors Dashboard
  • Integrations w/ MailChimp, Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, WP User Database, Zapier
  • Ability to Track Leads who Click from Email Campaigns
  • Intelligence Report for Scouting Anonymous Visitors
  • 4 Hour Setup Assistance Engagement Included

ORBTR + Full Service Consulting

CONTACT USfor estimate
  • From consulting to execution to custom development, we can do it all for you if you need! Common services include the folowing:
  • Consulting and inbound marketing planning
  • Design/development of email templates and landing page templates
  • Content strategy and copywriting
  • Campaign/automation workflows and setup

All ORBTR Connect Plans Include:

Lead Tracking

Track browsing behavior of leads and visitors using your website

Manage/edit data and add notes

Receive real-time email alerts when a lead/visitor returns to your website

Add leads to ORBTR via links clicked from emails or email newsletters

Export leads to CSV for import into your CRM or email marketing system

All lead data stored and delivered securely via the ORBTR API

Updates + Support

Subscribers receive all ORBTR product updates automatically

Active subscribers also receive technical support via email

Prospecting Emails

Create one-off/personal prospecting emails with tracking links

Schedule messages to send in the future

Schedule follow-up reminders for yourself

700+ integrations

Integrate ORBTR lead tracking with over 300 services like Salesforce, Capsule, Insightly, Sugar CRM, MailChimp and more with!

Orbits for Segmentation

Filter leads and visitors based on a variety of criteria describing either who the individual is or how they use your site

Individuals are added to Orbits automatically in real-time

Trigger actions in based on an individual’s browsing behavior!

Customize Widgets + page/post content based on Orbits! 

Email Marketing

Customizable email templates

Create an email newsletter in minutes

Save your emails directly into MailChimp

Lead tracking integrated into all ORBTR templates!

Message Center

Create email message templates for use with any ORBTR email type


Create and schedule MailChimp autoresponders

Edit and update messages on the fly

Full use of all ORBTR email templates + lead tracking

Campaign Manager

Manage all the assets for a campaign on a single screen

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ORBTR Connect is both. ORBTR installs on your website as a plugin and a few features like landing pages and mobile themes don’t require ongoing integration with the ORBTR API or any third party services.

    But lead tracking and lead management are delivered as a service through the ORBTR API as are software updates. Users that want to take advantage of these features will need to maintain their subscription.

    Our standalone product, ORBTR Torq does not have a WordPress component.

  • We offer a free 14 day trial for Torq, but not for ORBTR Connect.

  • Yes, ORBTR Connect will install on your WordPress website just like any other plugin. We will send you an API key and an account ID when you complete your order and you simply copy and paste that information into the ORBTR configuration screen. All of our ORBTR Connect plans include a 4 hour setup assistance engagement to help you get up and running quickly.

    Our standalone service, ORBTR Torq requires only a few minutes of setup within the application and then a tracking code must be installed on your website. That’s it!

  • No, ORBTR is not a replacement for a Customer Relationship Management software (CRM for short). ORBTR’s strength is in helping you gather actionable data on leads and prospects while they are using your website. The data gathered by ORBTR is usable by over 20 popular CRMs though — including Salesforce, Highrise, Sugar CRM, Zoho and more — by way of our integration with Zapier.

  • Just sign up for a Zapier account and you will easily be able to integrate ORBTR lead data with many other popular online services like Salesforce, Highrise, MailChimp and Google Docs. Once you have an account set up, go to your dashboard and create a new Zap. ORBTR will be available as a “Trigger Service” on the left hand side of your screen. Follow the step-by-step instructions and you will have a working integration in a couple of minutes.

  • You can track leads through email. There is an option in the Configuration page in ORBTR Connect to track leads within our Email Templates, or you can add tracking to the links you include in the email.

    For tracking leads through form submissions, ORBTR Connect includes integrations with Gravity Forms (a premium/paid plugin) and JetPack (a free plugin). If your forms are created using JetPack, ORBTR will automatically track all submissions. If you are using Gravity Forms, the ability to activate tracking is available as an advanced form setting for all your forms.

    Setup for lead tracking in ORBTR Torq requires only that a tracking code be added to your website. Instructions for using with forms and email marketing are included in the application. Note that you MAY need help from your webmaster to setup integrations for your forms with ORBTR Torq.

  • All ORBTR software has the capability to trigger a real-time email alert when a lead returns.

    In ORBTR Connect, you can set email notifications for just about any behavior a visitor might have on your site. Using our Orbits functionality to define behaviors, you can get notifications for all of the behaviors you designate or specify individual behaviors that trigger notifications.

  • To send email newsletters via ORBTR Connect, your free MailChimp account will give you the API access you need to connect ORBTR and take advantage of those tools. Autoresponders (or drip emails) are only available to paid MailChimp subscribers, however. If you don’t have a paid MailChimp account, you won’t even see the options in ORBTR to create autoresponders.

    If you don’t use MailChimp for email marketing, you can use ORBTR email newsletter templates with other email marketing software though by importing the campaign using the permalink URL created when you save the email.But, ORBTR autoresponders, at this time, will only work with MailChimp.

  • ORBTR works best with WordPress version 3.5+. We do not, at this time, support multisite installs.

    ORBTR functions completely independently from the theme, all we require is that your theme files include the  and  calls in the appropriate locations. This will be standard in most any professionally written theme. If your site runs the Thesis theme framework, you should read this post.

    Some themes (either off the shelf or through modifications) don’t load styles conventionally. Rather than loading styles conventionally, some do it by way of the wp_head tag, which is meant to be used by plugins to insert their code and styles into the templates.  When themes insert styles through the wp_head tag, they can forcing our landing page to break.

    Landing Page Compatability Settings, first introduced in ORBTR version 2.6.1, corrects this issue and allows you to shut off any scripts that are causing issues on landing pages WITHOUT impacting the rest of your site.

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