Partner with ORBTR and grow your agency!

As an ORBTR partner, you can attract new clients, build leads for your practice, turn one-time design or strategy projects into monthly retainer services, and help your clients achieve incredible results through WordPress-driven marketing automation.

Why Partner with ORBTR?

It takes more than great software to make ORBTR clients successful: it takes good advice from trusted resources to recommend ORBTR in the first place and some clients need a helping hand to set up and maintain ORBTR for optimal return. And to show that we appreciate our agency partners, we’re going to offer you FREE certification on our platform and a free license to help you get started!


ORBTR’s Biggest Benefit

Low Barrier to Entry – At only $99/month — your clients get to spend more of their budget on actual marketing and less on expensive automation tools. Total cost of ownership for ORBTR, even including a setup engagement and subscriptions to supporting services like MailChimp and Zapier is only about $2200 in the first year. That same budget barely gets you past the setup engagement with other automation providers. Yes, the lower price point on ORBTR means that you’ll make less profit on the subscription fees than you would with another automation provider.

But just as we mentioned above about how less money spent on software means more for the marketing budget, your agency stands to benefit in a huge way when that software budget gets put back into marketing. Plus, when you combine the additional hours invested in marketing with a speedy implementation, you help your client realize faster ROI. And, as we all know, good ROI makes happier clients, which leads to longer — and more profitable — engagements with their agency.

All Partners Receive a FREE ORBTR License!

What YOU Gain

Simple Use – From the start, ORBTR was made to be simple so that marketers can do the tasks they need without the platform getting in the way. No one has to switch from the CRM’s and ESP’s they’ve learned and love. Instead, ORBTR glues other services together with your website. After normal users sign up with ORBTR, we provide a 7-day startup guide that steps through most of our features and finishes with a full campaign. Each day would take inexperienced users and hour or less. As a partner, you will be an expert in ORBTR marketing automation campaigns and getting there will only take 10 days or less.

Easy to Manage – With the simple courses listed above, you can collaborate with clients on campaigns without the need for intensive training. After a quick setup, maintaining campaigns, creating campaigns and expanding campaigns is easily accomplished through one dashboard.

What Your Clients Gain

Better Intelligence – When you track leads, every individual tells their own story. Picking out an individuals behavior on your site can serve many valuable purposes but here are two big ones: 1) Using tracking data to trigger specific offers or campaigns, and 2) Facilitating a positive feedback loop between sales and marketing.

  • Who? If you track your leads‘ on-site activity, you will see patterns and identify exactly who it is who is most likely to buy your product.
  • What? You will know content works and what content rarely leads to customers.
  • When? By tracking when your ideal leads visit the site, you can identify when you need to be active.
  • How? Your traffic through landing pages and its comparison to lead conversions will tell you how successful your marketing messages are and which sales pitches work best.
  • Where? You will know, simply by looking at traffic data, which social networks, email campaigns and display ads achieve the greatest success.
  • Why? Your traffic will tell you why you succeed online. That success is often different than real world success. Online customers are more discerning, harder to please, but far greater in number. The only way to learn how to please them is to let them tell you. With lead tracking and traffic data, your visitors will happily tell you what you need to know before you have to ask.

Share Data w/3rd Party SaaS – We know that the market is full of great choices for marketing automation, and we are the outliers. ORBTR is the only full featured automation suite for small and mid-size businesses that isn’t a separate SaaS platform. Instead of providing a separate platform, ORBTR integrates with best-in-class services so that your site works in sync with your CRM and ESP. Integration between multiple platforms creates the potential for more valuable experiences.

Lead Nurturing – The real magic of marketing automation is that it allows you to respond to your best prospects automatically based on how they use your site. Our tools allow you to identify online activity that indicates a user or customer need and then push the right piece of content to them automatically at the right time. Think about what that means for your ability to use your website as a TRUE sales and marketing tool. With ORBTR, you have the ability to:

  • Change your calls to action based on whether someone is an anonymous visitor or an active lead.
  • Offer specific content, case studies or portfolio pieces based on what pages a visitor has viewed.
  • Craft special offers for visitors who found you on Google or social media
  • Entice visitors who have abandoned your shopping cart with special deals.
  • Optimize your site for conversions and results based on who your visitors are and how they use your site.

Apply Today to Become a Certified ORBTR Partner!

When we say that we love our partners, we mean it. In fact, we’re willing to put our money where our mouths are: become an ORBTR agency partner and we’ll not only provide you with a free license, but we’ll also help you get it up and running. Seeing ORBTR in action is the best way to understand how you can easily integrate it into your agency’s service offerings. All we ask is that you go through a 10-step training course within a period of 3 months.

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