Online Lead Tracking for Salespeople

Convert, monitor and CLOSE more leads!

The $20 tool no salesperson will EVER want to be without!

Torq is like having caller ID for your website!


People come to your website every day — some of them are important sales leads.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you knew EXACTLY when your best leads were browsing your site? If you could be notified in real time when leads are shopping you?  If you could view that lead’s full browsing history so you knew exactly what they were interested in before you call them? If your CRM could be updated with that history so you can easily share that data with your organization?

Torq is a simple sales application that does all of that and more. Our software monitors your website, tracking every single person that visits. When they fill out a form on your site or click through from one of your email marketing campaigns, we can identify them and alert you every time they return. It’s that easy!


The 12-Minute Guided Demo

If you have a few minutes, that’s all it takes to watch our video and see how Torq works!

Torq can be installed in minutes on ANY website with a simple tracking code!

Lead Tracking

Track everyone who visits your website and identify leads based on clicks from your emails!

Scout Your Visitors

Even before you’re able to identify a visitor, our Intelligence Report will show you the name of any visitor’s company network.

Share with your CRM

Want to add a note in your CRM every time a lead clicks through to your site? Want to add them to your email marketing list or automatically create a task in Evernote to call them? Our built-in integration with allows you to do all that and much more!

Prospecting Emails

Send emails to individual sales prospects with full Torq tracking built in! Your email marketing campaigns using tools like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, and more can be easily configured to include Torq tracking.

Real-Time Alerts

See who is on your site right now and receive instant email alerts when a lead returns!

Inbound Marketing

Torq’s lead tracking can be easily combined with other tools to facilitate marketing automation!

Export Tracking Data

Want to pull a report of everyone you’ve been tracking on your site? You can grab a CSV anytime.

Use Torq as a Team!

Your entire sales organization can use Torq! Each additional user costs only $99/year.

Start Torq’ing Today!

Like our software, our pricing is simple and straight forward. Plus, you pay NOTHING until the end of your trial, so getting started with Torq is 100% risk free!

Torq Monthly

$20.00per month

Torq Annual

$14.58per month
(prepaid at $175 annually)


$300.00Pay once, use it FOREVER!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It’s easy! Sign up for an account and configuring all the settings within Torq only takes a few minutes. Then send the tracking code we provide to your webmaster and they will install it on your website. That’s it! No complicated setup required.

  • Short answer, yes. You can easily configure links in most email marketing packages to identify leads in Torq and many web forms can as well.

  • No, Torq is a compliment to those tools, not a replacement for them. And although Torq does send email, it is not designed for mass email marketing like Mailchimp or Infusionsoft.

  • Torq works best when everyone in your sales organization uses it for outbound prospecting messages, whether that’s one person, five people, fifteen people, or more.

  • We keep it very simple: you can pay $20/month, $175/year or $300 for life for your base Torq account, plus $99/year for each additional user. Torq does not include any subscriptions to third party services like Zapier, CRM, or email marketing systems.

  • Yes! Although Torq is not as full-featured a solution as ORBTR Connect, our flagship automation software, you can very easily use Torq to run basic automation campaigns. If you have never used automation, a simple solution like Torq would be a great place to start.

  • YES! Torq will work with any site, provided that your IT manager or webmaster has the ability to paste a small snippet of code into the footer of all the pages in your website. It’s similar to installing a package like Google Analytics. Using prospecting emails will require a little bit more setup and require that a couple of DNS entries be added to your domain name, but this is also very simple to do.

  • Provided that your form can pass submitted data into a query string on the confirmation page (just ask your webmaster if you don’t know what that means), it’s very easy and our support team would be happy to walk your web person through it.

  • Every Torq account comes with email-based support and it’s easy to submit a ticket via email or our online portal.

  • No, Torq works very differently than analytics. Where an analytics package is designed to monitor your site’s traffic in aggregate, Torq’s lead tracking is designed to provide insight on one individual at a time. To use the popular saying, “you can’t see the forest for the trees” as an analogy, analytics “shows you the forest” without paying much attention to the individual trees, but Torq shows you individual trees without worrying about the forest.

  • Within Torq’s account settings, the master account holder will have the ability to add additional user accounts and assign them to individuals. The entire process of creating, managing and removing additional accounts is all handled within the Torq application itself.

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