WordPress Marketing Automation Made Easy!

Want the kind of marketing automation system that can be set up in minutes? Something that fits your small business budget and integrates seamlessly with your WordPress website?

ORBTR does exactly that at just $99/month!

Take a video tour of our functionality:

Lead Tracking

How ORBTR enables lead tracking and monitoring and integrates those features seamlessly into WordPress.

Optimize for Sales & Conversions

With ORBTR, your website has the ability to choose appropriate content from a library of choices based on who is reading it.


Create autoresponders and drip emails quickly and easily using our seamless integration with MailChimp.

Zapier Integration

ORBTR’s integration with Zapier enables workflows with 200+ online services including Salesforce, Mailchimp, Zoho, Highrise, Evernote, Google Docs, GMail and more.

Email Blasts

Create a professionally formatted email newsletters in WordPress and send to MailChimp in just minutes.

Prospecting Emails

Use WordPress as a full-features sales email system for sending one-off/personal and trackable emails.
Video Tour
Video Tour

“We’ve been able to do everything with less work. ORBTR made it all easy and the results have been amazing!”

Denver Biz Tech Expo

Video Tour

“Every one of our digital marketing actions with ORBTR has drawn maximum benefits.”

Platte River Networks

Video Tour

“Marketing automation has come to WordPress… I’ve had the plugin activated for two days and already am in love.”

Tech Blogger

Video Tour

“ORBTR is one of my favorite WordPress plugins. It packs a powerful marketing automation punch, giving WordPress even more power.”

Inbound Marketing Consultant